Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We’re a startup out of Provo, Utah. We’ve been working on this for the last 8 months and are now very excited to launch our Beta with you. Our mission to is to connect millions of gamers together into one community; where you can play, share, and connect with the content you’re looking for. We know that the best sites are shaped by community feedback, and we’re excited to implement and innovate with your help. Thanks for your support!

My favorite game isn't on your list, do you plan to add it?

Absolutely! We believe the games you play represent who you are and what matters to you. If we are missing a game and community page for your favorite game message us at and we can get that added for you!

Do you plan on supporting Stats for more games?

Absolutely! We are planning to support all available APIs in the future. Currently we support Fortnite, Overwatch and League of Legends.

What about my privacy?

We have two settings. Private and Public. This means your information cannot be found by anyone unless you want them to. Your gamertags are not searchable. Users will not be able to find your real name from your gamertag. With your Facebook authentication we are able to borrow those privacy settings and protect your information further on Prolink.

Reported Content/Users

We have a simple report and block functionality. If you see content that is offensive or users that are being objectionable… please simply report and block them. Prolink will take action against them.

Community Pages

Direct self promotion posts are discouraged. Community pages are for sharing original content and discussing/debating the games you love. Prolink moderates the current community pages but if you’re interested in helping with the moderation please reach out to us at

Contact Us!

We truly believe we are creating something special. We are excited about the growth of eSports and are deeply involved in the community. This is our first go at it and would love to hear your feedback. We are also growing our team so if you would be interested in helping us manage the game pages, player profiles or would just like to share some ideas with us you can reach us at thanks so much!!!